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Hi, I’m Kelli.

Author of "You're Not Crazy, You're Grieving!"

I am an author, a speaker, and a coach, and my journey through loss and recovery has ignited a passion within me to illuminate the path for others. Having been through the storms of grief myself, I've discovered the transformative power of truth and the freedom it brings. My love for God, continuous learning, exploring the world, and unlocking the potential in others is at the core of who I am. My work isn't just a profession—it's a calling. I use my unique 5-step Grief Relief Process, grounded in neuroscience, to expose the lies that keep us bound in grief, and to help others recover, grow, and live their most passionate lives. After all, it was the power of truth that saved me and it is this very power I wish to share with the world.

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"You're Not Crazy, You're Grieving"

In "You're Not Crazy, You're Grieving," Kelli takes you through her powerful tale of losing her mom to suicide and then her son to an overdose just a year later. She also shares how she recovered using the Grief Relief Process, a five-step process rooted in neuroscience. This heartfelt memoir is a lifeline for anyone navigating grief, offering hope, healing and the strength to love life again.